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    We provide easy and fast transport with even door to door delivery around the United Kingdom and the World.
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    We provide fast cargo services. Modern means of delivery just made things easier. Get involved!


Our Cargo is well-known in the shipping industry. Our mission is to provide the people with utmost value for their shipping needs. We strive to give a Premier Door to Door Box service.

We are Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our record speaks of what we can do for the people in the United Kingdom. Trusted and proven - Since establishing in the UK, we have now shipped so many boxes and goods.


Over the years, we've tried providing secure, fast and reliable shipping services over the UK and the world. Below are some of these services you can rely on.

Packaging And Storage

We package and store shipped goods for safety. We make sure your goods are secure.


We provide fast cargo services. Modern means of delivery just made things easier.

UK Transport

We provide easy and fast transport with even door to door delivery around the United Kingdom.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight transport is also a new service we've put in place. We now covers those areas.

Fast Delivery

Whatever means you choose, your goods will be delivered as fast as possible without delay.

24/7 Support

Our support team is LIVE 24/7. You can always track your goods and contact us for inquiries.


People choose us because we provide world-class shipping/delivery services around the United Kingdom. Our services are secure and reliable.

  • Fast Worldwide Delivery

    With trained experts and workers, we provide fast and reliable delivery around the UK and the world.

  • Safety & Compliance

    We ensure safety of goods and services being shipped by us. We comply with customers so as to guarantee their satisfaction.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our 24/7 support system makes things more easier for our clients. We make sure you're attended to at whatever time you need us.


Below are frequently asked questions about our services and the answers for them. You might want to check them out.

What Is A Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarding is a service used by companies that deal in international or multi-national import and export. While the freight forwarder doesn’t actually move the freight itself, it acts as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services. Sending products from one international destination to another can involve a multitude of carriers, requirements and legalities. A freight forwarding service handles the considerable logistics of this task for the client, relieving what would otherwise be a formidable burden.

Why Are The Shipping Rates So Volatile?

While there are several factors involved, the primary is market demand. Traditionally from Dec through April for imports, especially from Asia to the U.S., it is called the “slow season.” Because the retail market slows down after Christmas. However from mid January through early February there is an upsurge of cargo moving to beat the Chinese New Year deadline whereby factories all over China shut down for weeks. This usually keeps rates high as there is always space problems for cargo getting on vessels. From May through November this would be the “peak season” where there is a big demand for cargo moving into the U.S., so the Carriers raise the rates during this period, with the GRI (general rate increase), and PSS (peak season surcharge).

What Are The Usual Methods Of Freight Payment?

Most freight payments are done with a Company check. However you can also pay with wire transfer or credit card (subject to administrative fee). Payment is sent right around the time the freight is due to arrive, clear customs and be released.

Any Advice For A First Time Shipper?

Tip #1: Save container transport cost by preparing to load your container in less less than 2 hrs. When the driver shows up to your site, the first 2 hours are included in your fees. We recommend staffing up and preparing in advance to load the container as quickly as possible to avoid overtime charges. Tip #2: Prepare Shipping Container Contents for Extremes Containers are subject to extreme conditions. There are wild swings in temperature and humidity inside the container – they go through the Panama Canal and sometimes around the Cape. Containers are subjected to triple digit heat and humidity to sub-zero temperatures while in storage or in transport. Tip #3: Carefully Declare ANY Organic Cargo Plants, Edible Plants, Vegetables and Fruit are all treated differently depending on the origin and destination of the shipment. If customs finds any undeclared organic cargo, they can quarantine your container and charge you daily holding fees.